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While cricket isn’t played that widely in the US, there is a big interest in the sport abroad and many NY sportsbooks have begun offering markets on some of the biggest games in the sport. Here is a quick cricket betting guide to help you understand a little more about placing a bet on cricket.

The Best Cricket Sportsbooks in New York

When looking for the best cricket betting sites that offer the best cricket betting experiences, you want to avoid the bad ones that can leave you out for a duck. That’s why we’ve compiled this table below for some of the best cricket sportsbooks in NY:

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Top NY Cricket Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

If betting on cricket, you want bonuses that won’t leave you stumped and instead have you feeling like you just smashed a ball over the boundaries for a six. So here are some of the best cricket betting promotions available:

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Popular Bets for Cricket in New York

Choosing what bet to place can be really tricky, especially when there are different forms of cricket such as test matches or one-day internationals (ODI). Here are some of the popular cricket bets you may find:

Bet Type Details
Moneyline A simple bet that predicts the outcome of the game, and is available for all forms of cricket.
Futures Betting Predicts the winner of cricket tournaments such as the ICC Cricket World Cup. Tends to have higher odds than a moneyline bet.
Top Scorer A bet in which you predict which player will end up with the most runs during a game or series.
Fall of First Wicket An over/under bet in which you predict whether the first wicket taken will be over a certain number of balls.
Out for a Duck A yes/no bet in which you have to predict whether a batter will go without scoring a single run.

How do I bet on Cricket in New York?

If you’re looking for help on how to bet on cricket matches it’s actually very easy. Just deposit funds into your account and search for the game you’d like to bet on and the options available.

Are There any Tips for Betting on Cricket in New York?

Keep an eye on a team’s form and the climate of the location where games are played. Some players may be in good form, but struggle when playing in hotter climates. This could impact their performance.

It’s also important to check which players are playing and who the captain is, as teams may change captains to boost morale, and key players may be out with injuries which could affect how they line up.

What Are the Different Formats of Cricket?

  • Test Cricket: Usually played over a three-game series, with each series being played over a five-day period. Each team gets two innings to bat.
  • ODI: A more fast-paced format in which each team gets one inning of 50 overs.
  • Twenty20: The shortest and fastest form of cricket, where both teams have only 20 overs. This format tends to see batting teams play more aggressively to rack up a larger runs total.

Are There Any Cricket Terms I Should Know?

  • Appeal: When a team appeals the decision made by an umpire and it goes to further review to see if it should be overturned.
  • Bowled: When the ball hits the stumps and removes the bails resting on top.
  • Century: When a player scores at least 100 runs.
  • Duck: When a batsman is dismissed with a score of 0.


Here are some of the big cricket events coming up this year:

Important Events Date
Women’s T20 Commonwealth Games 07/29/2022
T20 World Cup 10/2022
Asia Cup 06/2023
Champions Trophy 06/2024
World Test Championship 06/2025
Top NY Sportsbooks for 2022
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