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Round-robin betting is different from others because it is made up of a collection of bets to increase the chances of a return. To help you understand how they do that and how to place one, we created this round-robin betting guide.

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You won’t find round-robin football bets or other varieties at all the top NY sportsbooks, so we’ve listed some of the betting sites where you can place round-robin bets.

Best Round-Robin Betting Bonus in New York

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  You won’t find specific bonuses for round-robin bets, but the best sportsbook bonuses can be used on round-robin bets where available. Here are some of the best bonuses right now.

Pros and Cons with Round-Robin Betting in New York

We’ve put together a collection of pros and cons for round-robin betting to give you an idea of the benefits and downfalls of placing round-robin bets.

Pros Cons
Increased chance of a return Beginners may not be aware they are putting on 10 bets
Covers more options Can cost more than a parlay bet
Saves you time having to place multiple parlay bets  

Round-Robin Betting in New York Explained

Want to know more about round robin bets? This guide will answer the most common questions people ask about round-robin betting.

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What Is a Round Robin Bet?

Round-robin betting is when you place a bet that consists of 10 smaller bets, but you are able to put them on in one click rather than making multiple bets.

How Does Round-Robin Betting Work?

The way that round-robin bets work is that you make three selections which you want to cover in your round-robin bet. This will put 10 smaller bets on for you; a treble (3-game parlay), three doubles (two-game parlays) and three up-and-down single-stakes pair bets that count for two each. If you stick $10 on your round-robin bet, it will assign $1 to each line. If all your selections win, then all bets will be paid out, but you can still be paid out even if one bet loses. For example, if one selection loses, you can still be paid out on a double and two of your single up-and-down bets. If one selection comes in, you will win on a single up-and-down bet.

How do I place a Round Robin Bet?

To place a round-robin bet, head to the relevant section on the sportsbook website or app you use and find the round-robin option. Make your three selections and set your stake but check to see if it asks for a total stake, or stake per line, because you may only want to put $1 on per line, but if you put $10 down because that would be the total value, you may end wagering $10 per line and wagering $100 by mistake.

What Should I Know Before Placing Round Robin Bets?

These are combined bets, and as such, you are putting on multiple bets at one time. But they differ from parlay bets because you can lose separate legs of a round-robin bet and still win some money. 

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