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Teasers are a more complex type of bet for NY bettors, but they are growing in popularity. You can find teasers football bets and even bets on baseball, hockey and a number of other sports too. To help you understand them further, we’ve put together this teasers betting guide.

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  Teaser bets aren’t available at all the top New York sportsbooks, so we’ve gone to the effort to highlight some of the best betting sites online where this bet variation is currently available.

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 Make sure you’re checking what bonuses are available to use on a teaser bet. Here are some of the best sportsbook bonuses that can be used for teasers betting below.

Pros and Cons with Teasers Betting in New York

As with most bet types, teasers have their own pros and cons, especially being more complex than some more simple bets like the moneyline. Here are some of the things you should know if you’re interested in placing a teasers NFL bet.

Pros Cons
Teasers odds tend to be higher for bigger payouts Higher risk covering multiple options
Can make betting on games more exciting Not ideal for beginners
Recommended for more experienced bettors  

Teasers Betting in New York Explained

If you’re not too sure how a teasers bet works, then check out this “how-to/dummies” guide on teasers to help you better understand how wagers like teaser MLB bets work.

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What is a teaser bet?

Teasers bets are the opposite of pleasers betting. Whereas pleasers move the line in favor of the sportsbook, the teasers bets instead move the spread or total in the bettor’s favor.

How do teaser bets work?

Think of a teaser as similar to a parlay bet except that instead of having access to a number of options, you can only include bets against the spread or on totals. They allow you to adjust spreads and totals in your favor, which leads to a smaller potential payout because teasers odds are traditionally lower. Some sportsbooks will allow you to adjust the teaser in your favor by different amounts, and others will have fixed scenarios you can bet on. This is again because the odds of this bet are in your favor over the house, so sportsbooks will calculate these and decide whether the risk of losing is worth offering a teaser on a specific market.

How do I place a teaser bet?

It is quite simple to place a teasers bet once you are used to it, but it can be trickier to wrap your head around if you’re a beginner. Your chosen sportsbook should have a teasers section, or you may find options to create a teaser on your bet slip when you’ve added suitable and complying wagers. Once you find the teasers bet section and you will pick spreads or totals for two teams (some sportsbooks may offer up to 10). Make your selections, enter your stake, and place you’re bet–it’s as simple as that.

What should I know before placing a teaser bet?

One strategy for many experienced bettors is to look at games where the matchup between the two sides is heavily one-sided. This is because teasers are already in your favor, and so predicting a game that is less likely to result in a bad outcome for you means a higher chance of winning. So if, for example, you see the New York Yankees on a 10-game winning streak playing someone like the Washington Nationals who are on a five-game losing skid, then you can feel safe using this bet in your teaser. You can do the above, and for your second game, find another game where the outcome may not be as heavily one-sided because this market is likely to increase the teasers odds. But remember, your bet only will come in if all lines win. If one leg of the teaser loses, it’s tough luck and back to the drawing board.

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Teaser Bets Offer More Security

As opposed to other bets, except for where sportsbooks offer parlay insurance, a teasers NBA bet can offer extra security than other bet types. This is because if you wager against the spread on a game and the final score hits exactly on the spread, instead of losing, your bet will push and your stake gets refunded.

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