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Despite being relatively quick to get on the sports betting bandwagon, New York really dragged its feet for mobile betting. But on November 8, 2021, we got news of the breakthrough that we’d all been waiting for! Now, New York is home to a bustling sportsbook market, with several operators legally competing. So, to help you through the new scene of New York betting, we’ve assembled a team of professionals to create Sports Betting NY.

The core of what we do here at Sports Betting NY is review sportsbooks available to New York sports fans. Our team has been in the gambling industry for years, boasting experience and expertise. We utilize this in our platform reviews. As we know what makes a good site and what features bettors should be looking for, we can home-in on the most essential information that you need to know.

Most importantly, we know what the New York sports betting community wants to see. Our professional brand sportsbook reviews are specifically tailored to New York sports fans. We check if they use the most popular payment methods in the Empire State, if they cover the most popular sports, the range of betting types, and much more. Furthermore, we only review and recommend sites that are completely legal to use in New York. So, you don’t need to worry about legalities if you join one of our top picks.

However, we’re not just here to offer you comprehensive reviews. When you come to Sports Betting NY, you can immerse yourself in the whole New York betting experience. We have guides and tips to help you understand sports betting and all of the bet types available. There are also breakdowns of bonuses that you can claim, legal information, and the latest news.

Our Values

We feel that it’s important to uphold a key set of values throughout Sports Betting NY. This way, you know exactly where we stand when we offer recommendations and perform reviews. When you use SBNY, you can trust that we are committed to:


Above all else, the information that we relay in our guides and reviews is completely accurate. We scour each of our target sportsbooks to understand the offering fully. Next, we go in-depth, try out the sportsbook and test their claims. So, even if their claims aren’t accurate, you can trust that we’ll be here to lay out the facts. We also regularly update our content to ensure that you can find the best offers and most relevant information.  


Transparency is essential online: especially when it comes to an industry like online gambling. All of our reviews and recommendations feature comprehensive write-ups to show you our inner workings. This way, you can find as much information as you need to decide and see what rationale we put behind our picks. We feel that this only strengthens our offering to New York sports fans. By understanding our methodology and reasoning, you can identify the most important aspects of joining a sportsbook.


While we do include all of the information that any New York sports bettor needs, we do so in a way that’s accessible. With structured reviews and clear guides, we offer you high-quality information in a way that makes sports betting easy to navigate. So, while you can expect to read about all of the key elements that make or break a betting platform, you can also expect it to be straightforward.

Sportsbook focus

A lot of online betting platforms are part of an integrated offering. In New York, you’ll often find sportsbooks tied to online casinos and daily fantasy sports platforms. We do take note of these other features, our focus and commitment is to finding the best sportsbooks. This way, we don’t waste time telling you information that you may never need. We deep-dive into the sports betting options to uncover all of the niche markets and the best odds.

Only legal sportsbooks

You won’t find a single sportsbook that isn’t licensed and regulated in New York state at SBNY.  This is because, without New York’s regulation, you could be at risk. So here, it’s all about legal sportsbooks to give you peace of mind when you claim a bonus or sign up to a new site via SBNY.

Help make smarter bettors in New York

Our Mission

We believe that a smart bettor is a happy bettor. So, alongside our comprehensive New York sportsbook reviews, we offer guides and a news feed. These are here to educate you and help you to enjoy the best betting experience possible.

Our mission is simple: provide accurate, relevant information about the biggest and brightest legal sportsbooks available to New York players. On this all-encompassing platform, you know that everything is up to date and legitimate. This ranges from our in-depth reviews to our breakdowns of the latest bonuses.  To achieve our mission, we make sure that we explore every aspect of each legal sportsbook in New York.

We don’t just take a company’s word; we dig deeper, investigate the platform from the inside, and uncover its true value to New York sports fans. This way, you get accurate information while we hold NY sportsbooks accountable. We hope that our mission enables you to get the best betting experience while our ratings encourage platforms to continue to compete and evolve. We’ll also keep you in the loop of the New York sports betting scene via timely and informative news posts.

The SBNY Team

The team here at Sports Betting NY hopes that you utilize our content and enjoy the best New York sportsbook experience possible.

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