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Aussie rules stand for Australian rules football, a sport dating back over 100 years in the US first played in San Francisco in 1906. The United States Australian Football League launched in 1997 and grows in popularity each year. Here is a quick Aussie rules betting guide to help with all your Aussie rules betting:

The Best Aussie Rules Sportsbooks in New York

If you’re struggling to find the best Aussie rules betting sites that offer the best United States Australian Football League betting experiences. We’ve put together some of the best available in NY:

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Top NY Aussie Rules Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

We’ve searched and found the best Aussie rules betting bonuses available, so you can make the most of the odds offered for the best returns:

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Popular Bets for Aussie Rules in New York

Whilst growing in popularity in the US, Aussie rules still goes under the radar to many citizens. The most popular league in the world is the AFL (Australian Football League). So, here are some of the most common Aussie rules bets you’ll find at top sportsbooks.


Bet Type Details
Moneyline A chance to wager on the winner of an upcoming contest.
Futures Betting Predicting which team will reach and win events such as the AFL Grand Final.
Over/Under Predicting whether the total points, or points scored by individual Aussie rules teams will be over or under a certain amount.
Points Spread A points handicap market in which points are added or deducted from a team’s total score to win an individual game.
Same Game Parlay Allows bettors to add multiple lines to their bet combining several bets above such as the New York Magpies to win, with a -3.5 handicap and over 20 points scored by both teams combined.

How do I bet on Aussie Rules in New York?

It’s difficult to know how to bet on Aussie rules games, but it’s very simple. Just select your preferred sportsbook and deposit funds into your account and search for the game you’d like to bet on and the options available.

Are There any Tips for Betting on Aussie Rules in New York?

There are two ways to score points in an Aussie rules game, and it’s important to know the difference between the two methods and how many points they award. Kicking the ball between the posts is worth six points, and one notched behind the posts is worth just a single point.

Understand how long a game lasts. In Aussie rules, the game consists of four 20-minute quarters, so some bets may be specific to certain sections of the game. If you have one team who scores more in a specific timeframe, such as the final quarter, then it is worth focusing on this area if placing prop bets around points scored.

What Aussie Rules Terms Should I Know?

  • Ball Burster – A massive kick that travels over 70 meters.
  • The Eight – A reference to the top eight teams in the AFL
  • Interception – When a defending player cuts off a ball being driven forward by the offensive team
  • Sausage Roll – Slang used by fans for a goal

Which Aussie Rules Teams are Based in New York?

Founded in 1998, a year after the United States Australian Football League’s inaugural season, the New York Magpies were formed in New York City. They have won two USAFL titles in 2010 and 2014, and six EAFL (Eastern Australian Football League) titles in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.


Here are some of the big Aussie rules events coming up this year:

Important Events Date
Norrtalje Dockers 10-year Tournament 07/02/2022
2022 AFL Finals Series 09/02/2022
Tyne Cup 09/17/2022
European Championships 10/05/2022
2022 USAFL Nationals 10/14/2022
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