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Point spread betting focuses on the points scored in a game, so it doesn’t matter if you are backing the underdog to actually win the contest because your bet can still win if they lose. This makes it a popular market among New York bettors, especially in football and basketball. Here is all you need to know about this popular betting type.

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Point spread betting is available at all the top NY sportsbooks, and here are some of the best points spread betting sites for you to place your bets with.

Best Point Spreads Betting Bonus in New York

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You won’t find many promotions targeting point spread betting, but you can use the best sportsbook bonuses on this type of bet. We’ve listed some of the best below.

Pros and Cons with Point Spreads Betting in New York

Point spread betting has its pros and cons, much like any bet type, and we’ve compiled a list of the main ones you should know about.

Pros Cons
Helps to even the playing field Your team may win, but you can still lose
Allows you to bet on teams you think may lose Teams you bet on won’t show a sense of urgency to cover the spread since it’s independent of winning or losing
Easier to understand their value  
The team you back doesn’t have to win for your bet to win  

Point Spread Betting in New York Explained

We’ve created a handy little guide to help you understand how betting on point spreads work, answering some of the most common questions that bettors new to this type may have.

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What Is a Point Spreads Bet?

Point spreads betting is very similar to Asian handicap betting, in that you bet on the outcome of a game with a handicap added to the team you’re betting on, and point spread odds are typically even to encourage an equal amount of betting on each side.

How Does Point Spreads Betting Work?

For point spreads bets the odds are usually better than moneyline because you’re adding extra risk to your bet by applying a handicap to the points scored for a team you bet on. If we take a look at a point spread NBA bet, the Brooklyn Nets could be playing the Boston Celtics. If the Nets are the favorites, then you can place a point spread bet of -3.5 points, and as the underdog, the Celtics would be +3.5. For your point spread basketball bet to win, the team you back must win with the scores added to the end game totals. If the Nets won 94-87 even with the points deduction, you would win your bet. If the game ended 104-103 in favor of the Nets, then you would lose the bet, but if you backed the Celtics, you would win even though they lost the game.

How Do I Place a Point Spread Bet?

Placing a point spread bet is a little more difficult to understand for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a fun wager to place. This can be done by logging into your sportsbook account and depositing funds. Next just find the options you want, and then check what the handicaps are. Once you are happy, set your stake and place your point spreads bet.

It can also make a lopsided matchup more fun to wager on. In the NFL, say the Buffalo Bills are playing the New York Jets. The Bills may be huge favorites on the moneyline, not making it a viable game to wager on. But with a point spread, you might lay 10 points to the Jets, but you could then get the Bills at -110 odds. 

What Should I Know Before Placing a Point Spreads Bet?

One key thing to do is calculate what kind of score line you need before placing your bets as it can be a little tricky to pick up if you’re a beginner. If in doubt, you can usually find online bet calculators that will help you to work out if your bet is winning or not.

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Is It Possible to Always Win With Points Spread Betting?

You can’t necessarily always win, but you may have heard of the term hedging your bets. This means that you cover all outcomes to minimize your losses. Many people tend to do this with point spread betting. They will heavily back the favorite but place a smaller wager on the opposite outcome to recuperate funds should the favorite lose.

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