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While many bettors may be familiar with placing a variety of bets ahead of a game starting or even before the season begins, there is a new phenomenon sweeping New York that allows bettors to place wagers during games. This is called in-play/live betting, and we’re here to help you learn all about it.

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Not all of the top New York sportsbooks offer in-play/live betting, although it is becoming more common. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best betting sites that offer in-play/live betting right now.

Best In-Play/Live Betting Bonus in New York

Top NY Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

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First Bet Is On Caesars Up To $1,250
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  Besides being allowed to cash out or partially cash out your bets, there aren’t many specific in-play/live betting promotions. But the best welcome bonuses can be used for in-play/live betting.

Pros and Cons with In-Play/Live Betting in New York

There are more pros and cons for in-play/live betting because things can constantly change during a game. Here is all you need to know about the benefits and disadvantages of betting live.

Pros Cons
Several markets available Odds can increase after you place your bet
Allows you to place wagers based on live information Just as quickly as your bet is placed, events in the game can change to ruin your bet
Adds another layer of entertainment to watching sports Easy to get carried away making live bets
If you forgot a game was on, you won’t miss out on the chance to place a bet  

In-Play/Live Betting in New York Explained

This form of betting is very similar to traditional betting, but to help beginners learn how to in-play/live bet, we’ve answered some common questions.

What is In-Play/Live Betting?

In-play/live betting is when you make a bet on a particular market during the time that an event is taking place. So, if you missed the kick-off of an NFL game in time to make a moneyline or point spread bet, don’t worry, because you can place your in-play/live football bets even after the game has started.

How Does In-Play/Live Betting Work?

This form of betting works by oddsmakers assessing live information, such as team possession, current scores, and other statistics, to create live odds on selected markets. It allows bettors to then place in-play/live bets during the time when an event is being played, including popular bet types such as moneyline and points spreads. It also opens up new options such as an in-play/live MLS bet for the next player to get a card or wager on which player scores the next basket in an NBA game.

How Do I Place an In-Play/Live Bet?

You can only place in-play/live wagers once an event has started. Depending on which way the event you are betting on is going, the in-play/live odds can differ for each bet type. You may also notice that odds differ from those that may have been offered before an event begins because circumstances may have changed. Otherwise, placing a bet is just the same as any other. Make sure you have available funds in your sportsbook account, select the options you want, and set your stakes to place your bet.

What Should I Know Before Placing an In-Play/Live Bet?

One important thing to know is odds can change constantly in play because live betting is just that, live, so as things change in-game that could affect the outcome of an event, odds will represent that. This means that you could place a bet, and seconds later, the odds go from +130 to +170 in a matter of seconds.

Is It Worth Placing In-Play/Live Bets at the End of a Game?

Don’t think you’re being clever by placing in-play/live moneyline bets at the end of a game when it looks like a team has secured a win. It’s so easy for a team to lose concentration and make the mistake to let another team back in, so even if there are only a few minutes left, don’t risk a bet that isn’t worth it because things could soon look very different a couple of minutes later.  

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