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MLS is growing in popularity around the US, with more and more international superstars coming to join the US’ top soccer sides. To help you learn more about betting on MLS games, we’ve put together this handy MLS betting guide.

The Best MLS Sportsbooks in New York

Looking for the perfect sportsbook for your favorite sport can be a tough task, so we’re here to help you find those betting sites that offer the best MLS betting experiences.

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Top NY MLS Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

Determining who has the best bonuses and promotions can be a tough task, so we’ve searched and found the best MLS betting promotions available:

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First Bet Is On Caesars Up To $1,250
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Popular Bets for MLS in New York

Placing bets on Major League Soccer can be a minefield, with more options available than any other sport in the US. Here are some of the most common bets placed among bettors and how they work.

Bet Type Details
Moneyline 3-Way In soccer, there are three outcomes: a win, a loss, or a tie. The moneyline 3-way bet allows you to predict the outcome of a game. 
Futures Betting Placing a bet on the overall winner of an MLS competition such as the MLS Cup.
First Goalscorer A type of prop bet where you predict the first goalscorer in the game. Doesn’t matter which team wins as long as you predict the first goalscorer correctly.
Points Spread A points spread bet in soccer places a handicap on either side, such as +1.5 goals and -1.5 goals. The team you back must win the game with this handicap added to the scoreline. Can offer better odds than the moneyline bet.
Same Game Parlay Allows you to predict multiple actions in a game as part of the same bet, such as NY Red Bulls to win, over 8 corners, and both teams to receive at least one card. Offers more enhanced odds.

How do I bet on MLS in New York?

It’s difficult to know how to bet on MLS games if you’re new to soccer betting, but it’s actually very easy. All you need to do is select your preferred sportsbook and sign-up. Then, deposit funds into your account and search for the game you’d like to bet on and the options available.

Are There any Tips for Betting on MLS in New York?

Keep an eye on if there are international tournaments taking part, as some players may be called up to play for their nations. This could leave MLS sides weakened, and lower their chances of winning if they have lost a key player.

What Soccer Terms Should I Know?

  • Penalty: A spot-kick awarded when a foul is committed on an offensive player in the defending team’s box.
  • Offside: An offense that is committed when a player is closer to the opponent’s goal line than the second-last player on the defending team when a ball is passed forward.
  • Hat-trick: When the same player scores three or more goals. The player is usually allowed to keep the match ball as a trophy for the occasion.

Which MLS Teams are Based in New York?

There are currently two MLS sides based in New York; the New York Red Bulls established in 1995, and New York City FC formed in 2013. The New York Red Bulls have won the Supporters’ Shield three times, and New York City FC won the MLS Cup in 2021.


Here are some of the big MLS events coming up this year:

Pre-Season Events:

Event Date
2024 Desert Heat Cup February 10-18, 2024
2024 Florida Cup February 16-25, 2024
2024 Carolina Challenge Cup February 24-March 3, 2024

MLS Regular Season:

Event Date
MLS Cup Playoffs: Round 1 October 19-20, 2024
MLS Cup Playoffs: Conference Semifinals October 26-27, 2024
MLS Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals November 2-3, 2024
MLS Cup November 9, 2024
2025 MLS All-Star Game July 1, 2025
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