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When it comes to finding the best tennis table betting sites for the best bonuses and odds. That’s why we created this helpful table tennis betting guide

The Best Table Tennis Sportsbooks in New York

Here are some of the best table tennis betting sites you will find:

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Table tennis is, of course, a fast-paced sport that relies on focused back-and-forth exchanges between the players who compete. There can also be a lot of back-and-forths

Top NY Table Tennis Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

With so many offers trying to entice new customers in, it can be tough to find the best table tennis betting bonus. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best welcome bonuses in NY

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Popular Bets for Table Tennis in New York

There are so many betting options available on sports, it can be difficult to know what to go with. Fortunately, there are not many table tennis sportsbooks about, and those that do offer markets have limited options.

This section will help to explain the common bet types you’ll find for betting on table tennis at the top sportsbooks. We’ll also discuss table tennis betting rules, and what kind of table tennis betting odds you can find associated with certain bets:

Bet Type Details
Moneyline A simple bet that has you wager on the outcome of a game; will player A or Player B win the match? Lowish odds compared to most bets.
Match Points Spread Applying a handicap, usually to the favorite in the game. You bet that a player will win with either points deducted or added on. Odds are slightly better than moneyline bets.
Game Spread Similar to match points spread, but rather than focusing on points in a game, it adds a handicap to the overall number of games. Odds are similar to match points spread.
Total Games A wager that predicts the total number of games played; will it be over or under a certain amount? Similar odds to spread betting.
Futures Predicting the winner of a specific event such as the JOOLA Global Championships. Odds can be good the further they are placed in advance.

How do you bet on table tennis?

If you want to know how to bet on table tennis it’s very simple. Decide what type of bet you want to cover, points spread for individual rounds, or a game spread for the entire series? Once decided, select the outcome you think may happen and place your bet.

What are some table tennis betting tips?

It’s important to take note of the style of a player; are they left or right-handed? How do they grip their paddle? All these different techniques that will define a playing style can affect the outcome of a game. Players may struggle against certain styles, whilst others can prosper. So before placing a bet, do your research to see how the opponents match up.

If Fan Zhendong is available to bet on, cover him. This guy is one of the greatest table tennis players to have ever graced God’s green Earth and has been pretty much unbeatable over the last few years. If he doesn’t win a tournament, you can almost guarantee he’ll make the finals.

Are There Any Famous Table Tennis Players from New York?

One of America’s best-ever table tennis players, Martin “Marty” Reisman was born in Manhattan New York. He went on to become the US Men’s singles champion twice and the US hard-bat champion too. He sadly passed away in December 2012.


Here are some of the big table tennis events coming up this year:

Game Date
Gold Coast TTC July 2022 07/23/2022
NYISC July 2022 Open 07/24/2022
JOOLA Global Championships 09/01/2022
World Team Table Tennis Championships 09/30/2022
ITTF World Para Table Tennis Championships 11/06/2022
Top NY Sportsbooks for 2022
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