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Prop bets, short for proposition bets and also known as fun bets, are one of the most popular bet types you’ll find at New York sportsbooks. They don’t rely on outcomes in games; instead, they focus on events that happen during games. This guide will explain all you need to know about props betting.

Best Sportsbooks for Props Betting in New York

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If you’re wondering who the top NY sportsbooks are for placing props bets, we’ve researched and found some of the best available in the Empire State.

Best Props Betting Bonus in New York

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  You won’t find many promotions aimed at props bets, but the best sportsbook bonuses available, such as the welcome bonuses below, can be used in conjunction with props betting.

Pros and Cons with Props Betting in New York

With a variety of options available, there are many pros and cons to props betting, and we’ve listed all you need to know about the benefits and downsides below.

Pros Cons
Doesn’t rely on the outcome of an event Props odds aren’t consistent (some don’t provide good value)
Covers a huge range of areas Can become addictive due to the volume available
Available at all sportsbooks  

Props Betting in New York Explained

If you’re a beginner wanting to know more about props, here are the answers to some of the many questions you may have.

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What is a Prop Bet?

Props betting is considered an unconventional bet because you are not predicting the outcome of an event. Instead, you are betting on what happens during an event separate to the result of the matchup.

How Does Props Betting Work?

Props bets come in three forms: game props, team props, and player props. Game props are bets that will be based on the game. For example, an NBA props bet for the combined total points of both teams being over/under 120.5 for the New York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors. Team props will focus on one specific team like the NFL props bet on how many times will the New York Giants sack the opposition quarterback: will it be over 4.5 times or under? Player props refer to a bet on an individual; for example, this props baseball bet for whether Aaron Judge will score over/under 2.5 runs in a game for the Yankees?

How do I place a Props Bet?

If you wish to place a bet on any props football game or other sport, find the betting options you wish to cover and ensure you have funds deposited in your sportsbook account. Add the bets to your bet slip, decide on your stake, and then click on “place bet.” All you have to do then is wait for the results to come in.

What Should I Know Before Placing a Props Bet?

You can bet on props on any sports before a game, plus at a sportsbook that offers in-play/live betting. However, be wary that odds can change quickly and often when betting live/in-play because as events unfold in a game, odds will change to reflect this and so will betting options. Let us go back to Aaron Judge scoring a run for the Yankees. Before the game, you may get odds of +130 for over 2.5 runs. During the game, those odds will increase the longer the game goes on with no run occurring, but likewise, if Judge scores one run, odds may be reduced, or the option for the bet could stretch to over/under 3.5 runs instead.

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Is One Type Of Props Bet More Successful Than Others?

Depending on the market you choose and the options available, prop odds can vary drastically. Betting on a team prop regarding points will likely return more than a game prop for a similar bet on points totals. This is because the game prop has a higher chance of coming in due to including all teams involved in the event rather than relying on a single team

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