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Golf has had a particularly rough time of late with the LIV Invitational stealing players away from the PGA Tour. But for bettors, it’s a good thing because it means more events to place golf bets on. So, here is a golf betting guide to help you learn all you need when it comes to golf betting.

The Best Golf Sportsbooks in New York

Finding the perfect sportsbook for you can be a time-consuming process due to the sheer number of options out there. That’s why we’ve found the top golf betting sites for you:

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Top NY GOLF Bonuses, Special Promotions & Offers

When you find a golf betting bonus, you want to make sure it leaves you feeling like you’ve just sunk a hole-in-one, and not a double bogey. So here are some of the best golf betting promotions available:

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Popular Bets for Golf in New York

You don’t want to end up in the rough with your golf bets, you want to ensure that you’re placing the best golf bet possible each time. Here are a few of the most common golf bets placed by seasoned bettors:

Bet Type Details
Futures Betting Make a call on which golfer you think will win the tournament you’re betting on.
Top Finishers Not sure who might win the US Open Championship? Rather than back a player to win, then back them for a top-5, top-10, or even a top-20 finish.
Nationality of Winner Covering your bases a little more than predicting an outright winner, predict their nationality instead.
Hole-in-One A yes/no bet in which you predict if a player will hit a hole-in-one during a tournament. Can also predict if multiple will occur for better odds.
Round Leaders Rather than playing the long game with golf betting, place more short-term bets trying to predict who will lead the leaderboard at the end of each round.

How do I bet on Golf in New York?

If you want to know how to bet on golf then this is how simple it is. Just select your preferred sportsbook and deposit funds into your account. Then, search for the event you want to bet on and the options available; when you’ve made your decision, add your bets to your bet slip, and place those wagers.

Are There any Tips for Betting on Golf in New York?

Check out the recent form of golfers going into a tournament, momentum can be a great thing that helps carry a player to successive victories.

Also, check for the form of golfers on a certain course because some just have a tough time navigating certain ones, while others who may not be in form could be playing at a course they favor and regularly perform well at. For example, golfers with a long drive are better for courses with longer holes.

Putting form is another thing to pay attention to as well because this can be an area where championships are won and lost. It’s great being able to drive long, but if you can’t finish a simple put, then long drives won’t help.

What Golf Terms Should I Know?

  • Bogey – One over par score on a hole.
  • Par – The number of hits a hole is expected to be finished in.
  • Slice – When a player mishits the ball and slices it causing it to veer to one side or the other instead of heading straight where the golfer intended it to go.


Here are some of the big golf events coming up this year:

Important Events Date
Ladies Scottish Open 07/28/2022
BMW Championship 08/18/2022
Portland Classic 09/15/2022
Dubai Moonlight Classic 10/26/2022
Pelican Women’s Championship 11/10/2022
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