Downstate Casino Licenses Included in New York State Budget

SBNY » Downstate Casino Licenses Included in New York State Budget

The inclusion of new downstate casino licenses in this year’s budget is a win for New York State and local communities. By allowing three casinos to operate with full permission, it will create thousands jobs when considering construction as well as post-construction union work related towards gaming addiction programs that are needed throughout the region . It also means additional revenue estimated at $1 billion from fees collected on top of what has been already granted by existing approvals past decade.

The New York State budget provides a step forward in ensuring that those who live and work on the downstate will be able to enjoy legalized sports betting. However, this is only one aspect of our work which must continue if we want an equal playing field for all gamers across upstate or urban areas like NYC where brick-and mortar locations currently provide better odds than online gaming platforms do right now

Mobile Sports Betting Hits $5 Billion Mark in New York as Gambling Becomes More Popular

It is no secret that New York has been a huge success for sports betting: The state launched their options in January of 2022, and now countless bettors are taking advantage every day with multiple bookies available across the region including FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings & Caesars Entertainment’s spot at bingo sites like BetMGM or iTechbeds .

With even more sportsbooks coming soon: New Yorkers can choose from a wide variety of different platforms to pace bets with. Because of all these major platforms available straight from a smartphone, the mobile market in New York has been massive and continues to grow. Read on to learn all about the numbers behind the New York mobile betting market.

The New York betting market is making history by hitting the $5 billion mark so quickly: With NBA and NHL playoffs to wager on as well, there’s no telling where this number will be in two months time! Additionally it’ll be intriguing observing how much money flows during overtimes of football games starting up again after an absence from state law – can’t wait until next season starts.

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