Brandon Nimmo should pay attention to Michael Conforto’s free-agency woes.

SBNY » Brandon Nimmo should pay attention to Michael Conforto’s free-agency woes.

Brandon Nimmo found a new agent over the winter: Scott Boras became his go-to guy to help him land a new contract when he becomes a free agent next winter. Boras, who is pretty much the only MLB agent everyone knows, has a ruthless reputation for trying to get every dollar he can. It’s possible that’s why former New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto remains unsigned.

Brandon Nimmo

Last offseason, Conforto reportedly turned down a $100 million offer from the Mets. He had one of the worst seasons of his career because he bet on himself. The cost did not appear to have decreased significantly. Opening Day is in less than two weeks, and he is the last of the best free agents to sign a contract.

The 2022 season is as important to Nimmo as the 2017 season was to Conforto. Walk years are always important for an upcoming free agent’s appearance. And, with concerns about Nimmo’s health, he may want to avoid the pitfalls that Conforto did.

Brandon Nimmo of the Mets can learn a few things from Michael Conforto’s free agency saga.

The one thing that Nimmo can’t control is injuries, and there’s one thing he doesn’t want to continue to despise about how he plays baseball. Although Nimmo began his career as a part-time player, the 2019 and 2021 seasons were marred by enough ailments to leave him with fewer than 100 games played.

Nimmo was able to stay healthy during the shortened 2020 season, but with only 60 games on the schedule, he couldn’t even come close to 100. There appears to be a yearly, if not a pair of yearly, injuries that keep Nimmo out of the game. When it comes to free agency, this is frequently one of the first things a general manager should look for.

Conforto and Nimmo’s playing styles are similar but distinct. Conforto is the slugger, while Nimmo is the modern-day leadoff hitter who may not steal many bases or hit for a high average on a consistent basis, but he gets on base at an alarming rate. Each is capable of producing some impressive analytic results. They have both done so throughout their careers.

Nimmo is held in high regard by the majority of Mets fans. However, he isn’t exactly vying for MVP honors. He can do everything exceptionally well, but his limited number of games played could be a major issue when it comes time to look for a new contract.

For Nimmo, returning to the Mets makes sense, They will have an outfield vacancy with no obvious replacement. And if Starling Marte isn’t the centerfielder he was supposed to be, the team will need to find a replacement soon.

Byron Buxton of the Minnesota Twins has been compared to him. He was able to secure a seven-year extension worth $100 million despite having some bright moments and a career hampered by injuries. It’s a reasonable amount, averaging less than $15 million per season. And, because it surpasses the $100 million mark, it’s another notch on Boras’ belt.

In a market where there aren’t many outstanding players at the position, his ability to play center field should assist his free agency. Because of the constraints on corner positions, teams were able To locate cheaper alternatives than Conforto. While Nimmo has an edge in center field because of his presence, he shouldn’t get too confident about it. It appears that no one is able to meet his demands.

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